4 Things I learned from my kids about Entrepreneurship

Running a business while raising  kids has been a boon for me. It has taught me a lot of new lessons, in the process I have picked up some key learnings and have applied them in certain situations in my business.

There are some situations in business where acting like a child is actually a smart thing to do.  While children learn a great deal about the world from adults, they can also teach us how to become successful through an innocent perception.

Here are 4 lessons I learned from kids about running my business:

1. Explorer and Embrace the Unknown.

Kids are normally surround with the unknown before embarking on any new skills. A toddler falls over a hundred times before taking his or her first step. Kids don’t let one failure bring them down. It doesn’t matter how many times they fall down, as long as they get back up again. One can’t learn how to run before walking and falling, one can’t swim without getting into the water. This may frighten a child, but it doesn’t stop him or her from running and playing. It isn’t easy to leave your comfort zone while exploring new possibilities.

We are so hooked to our habits, so resistant to change and change doesn’t always come easy. In order to achieve success, its important to learn to conquer the fears of the unknown. Fear is the number one factor that stands in our way of turning dreams into realities. We tend to get so caught up in what society tells us to do or what society thinks we should do. I think we as Entrepreneurs have to think outside the box and step far outside the norm. Letting go of fear allows us to dive into the unknown of our comfort zones. The moment I realised that I have been able to expand on the inside so that my business expands on the outside. It has helped me explore and embrace the unknown.

The road to success is largely unknown and elusive if you don’t know where to look or go. Each time you embark on a new journey, you’re one step closer to success.

2. Yes means Yes and “No” also means Yes

According to me kids are the best salespeople in the world. They have no fear of rejection. Tell “NO” to their favourite dessert or a toy, and the kid will come back to you with ten more requests until you finally give in. I have experienced this serval times when their no means a yes, even when that means throwing a tantrum for three hours.

If we could adopt this mentality of not taking “NO” for an answer when going after our customers, pitching for investment, or recruiting top talent, imagine what it could be like.  Most people won’t do that, they give up in a couple of follow ups.

I know the best salespeople I’ve seen are the ones who don’t take “NO” for an answer. They will adjust their strategy, or get creative with their offerings, but they will not move away from their final target. The statistics says, “A average sales person makes two attempts to contact the prospects, while 80% of sales are made after the 5th contact. As business owners/ entrepreneurs do we really do that.

3. Giving NO Heed to Failure.

Kids have the ability to get over problems so fast, forget about it and move ahead. One minute, they will be crying about their toy breaking, and the next minute we see them playing with another toy and smiling away.

For most grown ups, the thought of failure is a nightmare. The thought is off how people will judge me, how do I face my friends, family, and peers, and telling them about the failure. But, in fact and in reality, failure is not the opposite of success its a part of success. Kids show this to us so many times everything is new to them, they make mistakes, fail, they might cry for a little while, but in a few minutes they’re up and ready to try again. If we, as business owners and entrepreneurs, could stop worrying about the mistakes and failures, we would be able to accomplish so much more? Nowadays, I care less about failing and more about get up again and taking action. If  kids can do it, so can I.

4. Networking and Making Friends.

Once when I had taken my kids to the park, I learned some best networking tips there, while observing them I realised that they were so happy meeting new friends, they start playing with each other as though they know each other for years. Instantly, they could strike up conversations and start playing together for hours. Kids don’t think as much, and as a result they are the best networkers. By the time we leave the place, we had exchanged contact information with ten other parents. Wow.

How many connections do we make at our networking meetings. As we get older, we begin to overthink. We worry about how people will view us, imagine the worst and as a result hold ourselves back. What if we could be like kids. I have seen some people who can strike a conversation without any effort, and have learned it over a period of time.   Today I believe this is one of the strong points for me which I have learned from kids.  To them, everyone is a friend and a potential connection.

THE MESSAGE: Be Creative-Explorer, Be Curious-dont be afraid to fail and Be Firm-Do what you feel is right. Come out of the Comfort Zone

Hope you enjoyed reading. Do leave your comments below.

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