Anxiety-How do you conquer it?

Does Anxiety concern you, how do you conquer it?

Anxiety is the feeling of apprehension or fear that is strong enough to disturb one’s daily activities. It can hit anyone at any point in one’s lives, regardless of age and gender. If you remain in the anxiety mode then stress and unhappiness overrules. You need to learn how to overcome it or at least reduce its effects.

Here are some tips that can help you conquer anxiety:

1. Notice what you are thinking. If you are unable to control what you think then it strengthens your tendency for anxiety. If you are thinking negative the Anxiety gains momentum.

2. Think Positive. Thoughts give birth to thoughts, and what you fill your mind with will spill over into reality. Our thoughts become self-fulfilling predications. The key is not to go “I won’t think negatively. I won’t think negatively.” Rather, you should force yourself to fixate on positive thoughts. Write a list of the things you want to be and the things you want to happen in your life, enough that you could say every single morning within 3 minutes, to yourself. Then every morning, when you wake up or before you leave for work or school, say your affirmations to yourself. Then all throughout the day, when you see yourself worrying, stop and force yourself to enumerate 5 things you are thankful for today. Repeat as needed.

3. Keep Yourself Engaged. Never allow yourself to have idle moments. When your mind isn’t busy doing something worthwhile.. it will only invite more anxiety. Keep yourself busy and keep moving throughout the day. You can also read books or magazines, engage in exercise, or meditate; to keep yourself from worrying/anxiety.

4. Make a plan and try to accomplish it. Whether it’s how to improve yourself or a plan to solve the very problem that is causing your anxieties, doing this exercise would let you see that you can do something about your situation. This would also help you realize that you have control over yourself. Increasing control over your own life leads you to feel less anxious, because anxiety is an issue of control.

5. Consult a trusted person. Sharing your worries with another person lightens the worries and puts them in the proper perspective. The premise is that you talk with the aim to lessen your anxiety.

6. Laugh its the best medicine. Laughter can ease your burdens. Be in the company of amusing friends. Indulge in activities that can put laughter in your life.

7. Control over your feelings. Anxiety is like taking a ride on a roller coaster. Once you start entertaining negative thoughts and fears, they become a mantra that would continue by themselves unless you consciously cut those thought off. So the best thing to do is to cut them off right then and there. Distract yourself, divert your thoughts, or go talk to someone and have him or her correct your fears. Most of the time, anxious thoughts are misrepresentation of reality. It is best to have someone tell you the objective facts, and show you that you are grossly exaggerating your fears. If they are valid, you can seek reassurance of a happy outcome or have the other person suggest ways to work around the problem/s you face.

Do follow these helpful tips and you will see your anxieties eased.

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