Dreams and Action

Every ACTION you take gets you close to your BIG DREAM.

So take a step now….

Dreams are imaginary and to get this imagination into reality one needs to take action. Action is to set goals. Goals that can produce tangible results. You need goals to make the visions of your dreams real.

“Dreams can inspire you, but goals can change your life.”

Dreams converted to actionable goals will change you and in turn change your life.

How do you make it happen:

Dream: Great achievements begin in the mind of a person. Think big. If you had a dream that you let grow what would it be how would it look when you achieve it. Don’t let negative thoughts discourage you.

Believe: The most important thing is that you need to believe in your dreams. If you believe your dreams are achievable then the chances of you achieving is much much higher.

Visualise: Visualisation is a habit that great achievers have “see” things. Picture yourself as though you have achieved your dream.

Declare: Declare your dreams it has a lot of power. One reason many dreams never go anywhere is because the dreamer keeps it all to himself. It is a silent dream that only lives inside of  the dreamers mind. One who whats to achieve the dream should declare it to many people. As we repeat our dream we start believing it more and more. Another reason to declare is it holds us accountable. When we have told others, it puts us in to action on to actually doing it, when we declare we want to prove it.

Plan: “You get what you plan for” is so true. So every dream must have a plan of action. You need to sit down, on a regular basis, and plan out your strategy for achieving the dream. Create achievable small goals towards your dream. Set a time frame for achieving each task on your “dream plan.”

Take Action: If you work on it each day, eventually you will achieve your dream. While the rest of the world is sitting on their sofas watching television, achievers are working on their goal—achieving their dream.

Celebrate: When you have reached your goal celebrate, enjoy it. Appreciate & reward yourself along the way.

What are your dreams do you need to change it into a goal?

Dream a little bigger this time!

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